Sunday, July 27, 2014

and Frigga throws a little party

3 more lawn and leaf bags full of clothes and junk today.  that's a total of 8.  not to mention the breakable stuff that i didn't want to stick in a bag.  bags and boxes are lining the dining room floor waiting for people to pick them up, or to be delivered.  there is a huge plastic tub in my studio closet that's going to have to wait till RenFest season for us to schlep down to KC, as well as a bunch of stuff that i haven't found a tub for yet that goes to someone else in the KC area.  i'll be putting a bunch of patterns up on ebay tonight.  i've sold off my extra cauldrons.  and there is so much more that needs to go.

i'm in full on Frigga mode. so much so, that in the time it took me to type that sentence, i went into the kitchen and cleaned/threw out all the stuff on top of the fridge.  FULL.  ON.  FRIGGA.  MODE.  EVERYTHING MUST GO!

everything feels lighter.  it's weird, i know.  in my studio at least it actually IS lighter.  i got rid of enough crap to get rid of an entire dresser.  it's like there's more room to breathe.  room to stretch.  room to grow.  room to re-make our lives.

it's like the whole house is inhaling and exhaling.  like it can feel the purging we're doing and appreciates it.  greenhome, like earth, is a sentient being, and her arteries are finally becoming clear.  i may have also started my yoga practice up again and am just chock full if hippydom.

i know that a lot of people just don't understand what we're trying to do.  it kind of flys in the face of convention.  instead of getting a bigger house, newer clothes, and the most flashy gadget, we're trying to get rid of everything, sell the house, get rid of all our debt, and live on a tiny boat with no one to be accountable but ourselves.  real freedom.

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