Thursday, July 24, 2014

to new beginnings

so it's a new chapter in our lives.  and it's only fitting that as the era of the Very Nearly Hippy ends, the era of Our Weird Wyrd starts.  consider it a changing of the guard.  whatever.

for those of you that don't know me (which i find highly unlikely, but hey, it could happen), my name is Heather Tomasello.  I'm a mother of two, artist, yoga lover, experimental cook, and a Heathen. each of these things is ingrained in my phyche, so that's the stuff i talk about the most.   you'll learn to love it.  or your head will explode.  one or the other.

right now we're in the 10-15 year prep mode of THE PLAN.  you know THE PLAN.  the get-out-of-debt-and-save-a-bunch-of-money-and-buy-a-live-aboard-sailboat plan.  it involves downsizing, minimizing, and simplifying pretty much every aspect of our lives.  everything must go.  from junk and stuff to baggage both physical and emotional.  we're on a two week vacation right now, and i've already started going through and getting rid of stuff i don't use/don't need/and haven't touched in years.  when did i get so much crap?  it's maddening.  pretty much the only thing that isn't going are the actual sentient beings of the house.  us, the kids, and the cat.

i've also given myself another, more personal challenge.

i'm allowing myself to buy exactly 4 articles of clothing from now to next july.  and yes, this includes goodwill purchases.  just 4.  and a pair of shoes counts as two.  because between tee fury and cons, i seriously have tshirts and other things that i have NEVER EVEN WORN.  that's just not right.  and it sure as hell won't fit on a boat.  so stuff goes out, but does not come back in.

there are of course things that i'm going to hold on to as long as possible before giving them away or selling them.  Helga, my kitchenaid mixer is one.  before i set foot on the boat you will only get her if you pry her from my cold dead hands.  i'm not joking.  i have elaborate plans to take her with me in the event of a zombie outbreak.

so as THE PLAN progresses, i'll keep you all involved here.  i'm expecting set backs a plenty, because any plan we have always has bumps.  always.  and i'll try to post more regularly, now that i am blogging more about every aspect of our lives, not just the hippy dippy stuff.

i'm still hippy dippy, it's just not all of me


  1. No plan survives contact with the enemy....but that doesn't mean you can't adjust and continue forward :)