Monday, September 8, 2014

Manifesto Destiny

my prompt today for the Bloom True Boot Camp is to write my Artist Manifesto.  a manifesto says who and what i am as an artist.  kind of a "hay, this is me, this is what i think" kind of deal.  every artist eventually has to create one even if it's just a couple of sentences needed to enter a jurored show.

the focus questions from the Bloom True Boot Camp blog are as follows:

Why do you want/need to create?  What are your intentions when you create?  What are your core beliefs about creativity?  What does creating add to your life? How you want to FEEL when you create?

this is quite possibly one of the harder things i've ever done in my life.

    why do i need to create?  the glib answer is that i love painting and making the world a better place.  the dark answer is that if i don't the horrors of my job start to creep into my phyche and this is a way to cleanse it.  there has to be a happy middle somewhere.
    what are my intentions when i create?  i don't really have any intentions when i start a piece.  it's all just chaos.  i rarely if ever know what's going to come out when i start.  i guess my real intention is to not get any more paint on the hardwood.
    what are my core believes about creativity?  easy.  everyone is creative.  they just need to find what moves them.  for me it's energy and emotion.  i have so much of both.
    what does creating add to my life?  a level of sanity heretofore unknown to me.  or madness.  it's amazing how often i mix up those two.
    how do i want to feel when i create?  depends.  i feel a lot of things when i'm painting.  happiness, pride, anger, fear...  you get it.  sometimes all at once.  the piece dictates the mood as weird as that sounds.  and it changes millions of times each painting.

so i guess my manifesto is a little bit of all of that.  i had already made an artist statement, and i'm just going to add on a bit more and turn it into a manifesto.  here goes:

i am a new artist that is deeply inspired by the emotion and energy of the world as it bursts around me.  it thrills me to see the layers of paint grow and develop, and the randomness of the elements come together out of the chaos.  for me, it's amazing to see how organically my paintings grow and change, and how one small detail can move the piece in a completely new direction. 

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