Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bikram and Blooming

Theres not a lot of wiggle room in the budget.  Not enough to make the regular Bikram classes a staple.  I might be able to swing the 'Happy Hour' Friday class for 5 bucks.  That's probably more doable.  Which is ok with me, I dont think more than a class a week will fit into the family dynamic. 

Im torn as to if im even going to Bikram tonight or not.  My stuffyness is morphing into a full blown cold.  Im sure the heat will cause me to sweat out my toxins and germs, im just hot sure how much of the poses ill actually be able to DO.  Though at this point, the class is paid for, so even if I just lay there in corpse pose, im getting my money worth.  maybe ill go.  But maybe ill stay home and work on todays Bloom True Boot Camp prompt. 

I know its only been three days how, but this boot camp is exactly what I need.  I especially loved the first days gratitude prompt.  I dont take enough time to be greatful.  And my life is pretty amazballs, so ive got a ton to be greatful for.  Today's prompt is about gathering your supplies,  and ive already got that down.  All my supplies are in this AMAZING storage unit I bartered with my friend Kate.  I may tidy that up a bit.  It became a little disorganized when I did all my ren faire sewing.  

My sewing desk is going to get a face lift soon too.  I had such good luck with the chalk paint on the little table that im going to do the same to the desk.  It will be beautiful.   Oh yes.  Love it.

Ive had to back out of the Cirque art show.  Im a little sad about it, but im making up for it by really throwing myself into the Day of the Dead show.  Ive completed one sugar skull already, and am about to prep another.  Mortimer was very traditional,  but I think with Morticia im going to stretch the concept a little.   Im not going to leak any details,  its still in the planing stages, but it will be awesome.  

Thats all the update for now.

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