Friday, September 12, 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt

for the #bloomtruebootcamp today there is a photo scavenger hunt.  we had a funeral to go to, so there wasn't a lot of scavenging (as in i didn't do all the prompts) but i got a couple good shots in.  the prompts were

  • Explore shadows and light.
  • Find complimentary colors (blue + orange, red + green, yellow + violet)
  • Take a close-up photo of the natural world.
  • Capture something in motion.
  • Find repeating patterns.
  • Take a photo of something you love.
  • Look up.  What do you see?
  • Look down.  What do you see?
  • Take an “artsy” photo of your art supplies
  • Take a loving self-portrait. 

something in motion

something i love 

repeating patterns


contrasting colors & look down

look up

a loving selfie

like i said, not the best pictures in the world, but better than nothing

1 comment:

  1. I haven't taken any photos today - I need to get on it!