Wednesday, August 6, 2014

back to the grindstone

today is the last day of this vacation.  it seems like it's the longest vacation ever, and the shortest one, all at the same time.  a lot of things got cleaned out.  from our house, from our lives, from our souls.  everything is lighter.  we went camping, we went to water slides.  we went through a lot of soul searching, and came out the other side stronger.

i started my yoga practice again, and i can already see the changes in myself.  i'm standing straighter, taller.  i'm carrying my weight better, and i'm more comfortable in it.  i love my body.  it's amazing.  yoga has helped give it curves where there should be and muscles where those go too.  the process of stripping down our lives to their bare minimum has opened up my yoga and meditation practice so much.  it has bloomed into something that i don't think i can live without.  a calming center to what used to be a huge ball of stress.

and i've ordered a hula hoop.  not the feather weight ring of plastic that you buy at wally, but a weighted, adult size hoop dancing ring.  in the internal story that plays in my head i'm going to be amazing at it the first time i try it and i'll have amazing hips and abs.  but i know the reality is that i'm going to fail a lot.  and apparently also get bruises and super sore muscles.  which i'm good with.  i know i'm going to suck at it for a while.  but i'm hoping that it's going to be a good compliment for my yoga.  because apparently my treadmill isn't an option for a while.  my foot needs to heal, but every single step is another injury.  a livable injury, but still an injury.  so i'll deal.  i love my treadmill, i love playing Zombies, Run! on it, but there's nothing saying i can't hoop away from zombies.

i'll let you know how well (or not) hooping goes.

i don't want to go back to work tomorrow.  i know, you're shocked.  but i think i'll be able to work there better now, knowing that there is an end date.  admittedly, it was the date i was going to retire anyway, but there is a path.  a plan.  a way out.

of course i'll still buy lottery tickets every once in a while.  

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