Wednesday, August 20, 2014

i'm altering the deal

i don't think i can do the 4 pieces of clothing thing for the year.  i already forgot and bought a pair of shoes.  so i'm cut by half.  so that sucks.  so i am pretty sure i'm going to suck at it.  admittedly i still have 2 pieces left, but i'm pretty sure that's going to be taken up with the boots. (yes, i'm still thinking about the boots.  i love them so)  so i'm changing the challenge to say that if more than 4 pieces come in, something else has to go out.  i buy a new tshirt, an old tshirt has to go.  that's probably more doable.

we're also talking about changing up the plan.  instead of a boat, an RV.  to be honest, i like that idea better.  i'm not so sure about the whole boat thing.  apparently there are still pirates.  it's a thing.  and i like the idea of being able to pick up and go whenever we want to wherever we want.  and apparently boats require a lot of maintenance.  like a gawdawful amount.

i'm getting better with the hula hoop.  i can keep the hoop going for sometimes 15 seconds.  that's a personal best by the way.  i'm awesome.  yoga however is in a little bit of a stall.  my foot is still bothering me.  i've seen a podiatrist, and i'm working to get better.  i really like the podiatrist.  he's a very hippy dippy kind of guy.  sees a herbalist, says that walking around in bare feet is awesome.  "the way we're supposed to walk."  it's great.  because i hate shoes for all the time.  the boots don't count.  don't judge.

if i had my way no one would wear shoes any time but winter.  at most we'd have hand knit wool socks.  i prefer the yoga/dancing socks that have the toes and heels free.  i'm knitting myself another pair now between calls at work.  i love these socks.  i need twenty more pairs

so as soon as my foot feels better full time i think i'm going to get into a regular yoga class.  i really love how my body feels when i'm in a regular class.  i'm not sure my daily (or every other day) sun salutation/tree/triangle practice is cutting it.  i need something more.  something... structured.  maybe i'll look into private classes.  though i know i probably can't afford them.  just more things mulling over in my mind.  

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