Wednesday, August 13, 2014

hoops and downward dog

mark is on a motorcycle ride with my dad and their 'biker buddies'.  i still find it hilarious that my father and husband have biker buddies.  watching the news just makes me sad for the world we live in, so bam and i are playing video games, and in a little watching big bang theory until bed time.

to keep you updated (as i said i would), i suck at hula hooping.  don't get me wrong, i love it.  i'm just not good at it.  which is weird, because, all false modesty aside, i'm good at a lot of things.  kind of a jack of all trades girl.  i do practice though, nearly every day.  bam watches, and yells a big "YOU DID IT MOMMY" when the hoop stays up for more than two seconds.  which doesn't happen often.

yoga has become... problematic.  my foot has started to bring me a lot of pain.  and you'd be amazed how many yoga poses (read almost all of them) require you to put your weight on both feet equally.  i have an appointment to see a podiatrist on friday after work, and i'm hoping that i can at least get an answer as to what the problem is.  from someone who actually listens to me, and doesn't just try to throw pain killers at me.  i don't want pain killers, i want the problem fixed.  this is apparently not the norm in modern medicine.  and people wonder why i see my herbalist before a doctor.

couple my foot pain with my ancient lap top which i was playing my favorite yoga dvd on finally dying....  not a good mix.  mark however found one of his old lap tops that had a cracked screen and we're getting it fixed so i can use it.  i'm happy that we're fixing something that we already had, not so happy that we are forking over the money to get it done.  but it's still cheaper than getting a new one, so it all works out.  we can't live like monks right?

and i DID try doing yoga in a room other than my studio where i had access to an actual dvd player.  i didn't like it.  it felt disconnected.  i love my studio.  other than an actual yoga studio, it's my favorite place to practice.  next to the kitchen, it's my favorite place to be.

i've been thinking again in my head about going through yoga teacher training.  it's something i keep coming back too, even though i'm not sure i'll ever get to do it.  i have little enough time now, it would be halved or more if i took the course.  i'd end up trading away most of my days off, and hardly ever seeing my family.  not sure it's worth it.

perhaps i should give myself a little 'yoga retreat'.  i read an article about making your own yoga retreat while you're still doing everything in your life, ie work and kids.  basically you take like a class a day when you can fit it in between your other commitments.  it might be something to look into.  maybe treat myself for the birtha-versary.

yeah, i think i'll do that.  


  1. This will sound weird, but one thing that helped me "understand" hooping was sucking in my gut. Pulling in your abs causes your waist to drop or something and it makes it easier to connect with the hoop. At least it did in my experience.

    1. omg that totally worked!!!! i was able to keep it up for almost 15 seconds!!!!!!

  2. Yeah!!! I'm going to go hoop right now!